Statement of Faith

This congregation: 

1) Is founded upon the faith that there is one God who is a personal Father, who in holy love creates, sustains and orders all. 

2) Confesses Jesus Christ as the Lord of the Church and of all life. 

3) Believes that the Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and minds of people, creating and sustaining the Church through the Gospel, giving guidance and comfort, and uniting believers with their Lord and with one another. 

4) Maintains the New Testament as its standard of faith and practice, and that through the Holy Bible, God still speaks and continues to accomplish His redemptive purpose. 

5) Believes and declares the Good News that God, through Christ, reveals His love to reconcile the world unto Himself. 

6) Holds that the Church is the Body of Christ charged to proclaim the Good News to all people by word and deed. 

7) Considers that all members are responsible for a share in the ministry of the Church. 

8) Accepts the ministry of the Church to be the fulfillment of the Gospel for all people and the nurture of individual believers in the Christian faith and life. 

9) Believes and teaches that God's Word declares marriage (holy Christian matrimony) to be a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman and that sexual intimacy be confined exclusively within this covenant. 

10) Believes that God forms us in the womb. Life starts at conception and from that point forward should be treated no differently than life after birth.